The common home of creative and passionate craftsmen



The promotion of the excellence of creative craftsmanship also passes through meeting artisans and creatives, present at craft and handmade product fairs.
Present with their creations, their workshops and live demonstrations of their know-how, artisans and creatives offer the present visitors the opportunity to see their creations up close, and how these are born and gradually take shape.
Positioned in special fair structures, non-invasive and respectful of the surrounding environment, the artisans and creatives of "Arti Mestieri Tradizioni Folklore", present in what we can define as Crafts and Handmade Product Tours, are easily identifiable from the presence, on their workstations, of a specific plate also bearing a practical QR Code.
A code, a symbol, which every time it is framed and scanned by the camera of a smartphone, returns to the user information, data, photos, videos of the reality in question.
A simple, instant way to visit in real time the virtual showcase of our artisans and creatives, and stay in touch with them, even beyond the meetings at the fair.