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Welcome to the virtual showcase of Marinella and Anna, two friends with a passion for hand-made creations and artisan markets.
We love to participate in craft events and markets, during which we offer objects decorated with the ancient technique of decoupage and finished with applications of different materials, ranging from the various trendy styles.
The desire to create novelty and originality allows us to create artifacts, sometimes unusual, with particular attention to the recovery, such as, for example, old disused pans which, properly prepared and processed, are then transformed into imaginative cachepots to hang in the kitchen.
The creations made using the classic tiles, of different sizes, are also another passion of ours, which allows us to give free rein to our creativity. With the tiles we create small scenes, transforming them into the facades of buildings, complete with doors and windows, or nice spotlights with lots of internal light. Just as we like to wink at tradition and superstition, so dear to us Neapolitans, and make funny and playful creations, with the classic symbols of our tradition, against the so-called "evil eye".
If you want to take a look at our handmade creations, you can visit our virtual showcase and maybe contact us for any information or special requests. We will be happy to answer you and fulfill your requests.
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