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Welcome to Cartapest Lab's virtual showcase, where I, Alex Di Guida, give space to three of my passions: papier-mâché creations, artistic decorations and artistic drawing.
The passion for papier-mâché processing comes from the need to reuse and give a new life to the multitude of good paper, which we use and throw away every day. Thus a forge of manipulation takes shape from the most ancient art of papier-mâché, made with rags or pulp, to the modern and necessary reuse of related materials.
In an era where the recycling and non-waste of materials is the frontier of environmental sustainability,
CartapestaLAB creates completely new works of art or objects. This is how new artistic creations, sculptures, decorative or wearable masks, decorations for every period of the year are born ...
The continuous research and experimentation of projects related to paper, have then given life to new creations and processing techniques, which have resulted in the decoration and artistic recovery of wooden objects such as chairs, tables, coffee tables, doors, doors, but also in the personalization of new objects such as tableau marriage, paintings, cribs and crib objects in scale, sets and scenographic objects, scale models and works that can be performed on different types of supports.
Artistic drawing is another passion of mine, which I realize with the creation of illustrations, drawings, subjects for tattoos, portraits, all created with traditional techniques (pencil, sanguine, acrylic) and / or digital.
The showcase of CartapestaLab
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